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hello, everybody, welcome to winesday wednesday, november 7th. we survived. we survived what i think was the longest election -- >> in the history. >> from beginning to end in the history. it seemed like that. >> we all felt like that baby, the one that was crying, bronco
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bama and mitt romney. last night i think they called it at 11:12, they called it for barack obama. he is the president of the united states once again. he was, by the way, the most tweeted about in political event in u.s. history. now, i guess this is the first -- the other election had twitter but i don't think like that. >> twitter has so taken off. even i tweet. so, that tells you how big, don't actually do it, but you know what i mean. i'm involved in the process. i have heard about that. >> things have changed enormously in the last four years. they will only change the next four. >> the obamas tweeted a photograph after they won and said four more years and it is a hugging picture of barack obama and his wife, michelle. >> but that's an older picture. >> yeah. a lot people were tweeting at voting places, i tweeted at mine only because my voting place yesterday -- >> in new york. >> everyone said you are going to breeze in. mine was a mob scene. i mean, look at -- this is me. >> there's no line. >> no. it is a blob. it's a moving mass of blob.
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>> like a springsteen concert. >> once you fill it out, by the way, with your pen, then you have to feed it into a machine in another line. >> you were getting yelled at for doing it improperly. they had to do it face up, which meant everyone saw -- >> how you voted. >> that's why they call it winesday. [ laughter ] >> well, usually i sit home and i'm a news junkie, i'm a political junky. >> yes, you are. >> i like to watch everything and analyze. i was at our show last night. >> where we are gonna be today. >> where we are gonna be today. i thought it was weird, thought it would be ten people. almost had a packed house last night. people are so weary, they voted, let's go see a show. hopefully all of broadway is busy last night. we need diversity. >> i think people need to get their minds onto regular life. and i think a lot of the people, between the horrible storm and the election that's occupying a lot of people's thoughts, now hopefully with the exception of what's coming tonight in new york with the next storm.
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>> what concerns met most, the election showed us how unbelievably divided we are as a nation, it can get so ugly on both sides and we have to remember that no matter who you voted for, barack obama is our president. >> right. >> and he is going to need our support and prayers more than ever with all the problem there are in this world. so, try to put aside your own personal feelings and reach across whatever aisle is in front of you, because you know what ultimately, we are all in this together. >> you're right. you're right. when you watched it last night and you watched mitt romney's concession speech and an elegant man. >> i got to say in this country, it's so unique in that you watch a very rabid battle that went on for a year, forever, it seems like and then in one night, it is like -- civility reigns. by the way, i don't know if you realized -- >> no coup d'etats here. >> not only do we do this show
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but we were correspond ends -- correspond endents for another program, we were very, very busy working for "the "daily show."" watch! >> "the "daily show"" election night special, featuring jason jones, jessica williams, george stephanopoulos, jim cantore anderson cooper and his golden saxophone, hologram edward r. murrow, bob schieffer. >> all right. >> tom brokaw. >> if it ain't brokaw, you don't fix t. >> jose diaz-balart. [ speaking in spanish ] >> you'll be the first to know. >> hoda and kathie lee. >> we've been drinking since since the midterm. >> and me -- >> patrick stewart. >> "the daily show" election night coverage, this ends now. >> okay. did you see us? >> yeah. >> we were excellent. that was the most work. >> do we get paid for that? okay. there is a professional cuddler out there, you guys, a weird story. you want to know who is right and who is wrong first?
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that gnocchi, the squirrel. >> the squirrel. >> gotten so many of these political -- campaign -- he has called them, called the race the right way. >> there were two bowls of nuts, one for president obama, one for governor romney and he was supposed to pick the nuts and the nuts he ate were the winner. >> he ate more of the governor's nuts. [ laughter ] >> anyway, and also jimmy fallon's dog was incorrect. >> gary the girl was wrong, too. a lot of people were wrong a lot of people. just shows you how these things skew so weirdly. it ain't over. yogi barra was right. >> until the fat lady sings. >> right. talk to us about the cuddler. >> a 29-year-old woman who wanted to make extra cash, she realized that a lot of people don't have a lot of love in their life, she decide she had would call herself the professional cuddler, charge people $60 an hour for affection, crawl into her bed, fully clothed, no hanky-panky
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business, someone paid $60 and they just hug and lay there in her bed. >> that is among the weirder things i've ever heard in my life. first of all -- >> it's a double bed. >> yeah? >> doesn't matter. how sad and lonely is that somebody has to pay $60 so they will hug them. have we come to that? >> i don't know. >> ask anybody on a new york street for a hug, they will give you one. they really will. some people will give you a little goose at the same time. and steal your wallet, but that's all right. they will give you the hug you need. >> all right. okay. so yesterday, you guys, we talked about tipping. >> yeah. we got outrageous reactions. boy, settle down, people. >> there's a tipping etiquette question, i'm not sure if she was eating with herself or others, the total of that bill was $138.35. on her receipt, she wrote "thank
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you, that was great. and "sorry, single mom." see in the tip? >> sorry it was great, single mom. some people saw that and were skeptical, some people thought that and she is being honest and open. >> a single mom who had $138 at a meal for a restaurant. >> right. that is pretty steep. yeah. i agree. >> yeah. how about you go to a little less expensive restaurant and take care of the people that served you, seems to me. we don't know how legitimate this story is. we heard from a lot of you who do work in the service industry who feel like you guys, not just us, the world doesn't understand that we get paid less than minimum wage, 30% less in connecticut, at least. 30% less, because that's what tips are supposed to make up for. >> mm-hmm. >> and you know, they don't always. it's a crap shoot. so, we do feel your pain. i just have another part of me, too, that feels like i don't like to reward bad behavior. >> everybody should have pride
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in their work. >> there is an app, you guys, an interesting app that's on facebook. you know how when you get tagged in a picture? >> i used to play it when i was little. >> tagged on a photo -- >> you have no say in it, i understand. >> yeah. yeah. >> now a new app called bada-bing. >> that brings back memories. >> of course, it does. >> the famous strip club in jersey -- "sopranos," "sopranos." >> anyway, the bottom line is this app has a way of finding your face and body, i guess face and body recognition, no matter where it is and it can find you only in a bathing suit, okay? so they can -- if there was a bathing suit picture ever posted of you, let's say some guy is clickety clacking. look at you. >> oh, my gosh. when was this? >> right before married frank, last time i looked like that. >> you look like cassidy, if you were blonde. >> the truth is, i can't believe
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cassidy weighs one pound more than i did at that point. >> oh, my god. >> actually, that is the only time i looked that good. the day before i didn't. and the day after i didn't. so, thank god somebody took a picture of me. >> but can you imagine if someone were looking online could type your name in and somewhere, some random -- that's not the picture i want. thanks. thanks. thanks a lot, okay? >> you look good, hoda. >> oh, yeah. >> no you do. >> the reason i have a towel. i have always been self-conscious, look how i sit, towel, arms, everything, covering. >> you look terrific. >> by the way, thanks, okay. i know that was the best that was out there in the web. >> when's the last time you bore a bikini? >> you know what i wear them when i don't know anybody. >> but people know you. >> but i don't know them. >> you are an egyptian goddess. you could go down to puerto rico and think, oh, good, i'm safe. 30,000 people on the beach are going to know, there's hoda. >> you know what, i'm self-conscious. i usually -- i wear a wrap.
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and when i lay down, i lay down first and then i take the wrap off and then i put it back on to get up. >> never walk the beach? >> i don't walk it without a wrap. are you kidding? no. no. no. >> but i'm so in awe of people quite heavy that just put their stuff out there for anybody and they're playing on the beach, they're frisbeeing, going and picking it up, putting it in your face. they don't care. they have -- they have something that i don't have. confidence. they have body confidence, god bless them. >> i'm also in awe of that one of those things you look and, wow, i'm always covering and hunching. >> you are the last piece of person who should. we have something we have to take up. >> we have ask you this question first. would you ever go to a store, buy something, wear it and then return it? you know what i mean? wear it and then return it,
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would you ever do such a thing? we have evidence that someone on our staff -- >> does it on a daily basis. >> joanne lamarca. >> want all people in her area, this person should -- >> please look at her dress, because she now owns it. before she was wooing it. >> shamed her into buying it today. >> the tags in it. we pulled them out. no returning it. >> we would like to know if you make a habit of doing that and why, if you do it, do you think that that's okay when you're actually reducing the value of an article of clothing which you are probably going to return. say this costs oh, $98 and i could tell you the name of the store, but i won't. if you took it back after you wore it, it is -- it's no longer worth $98. so what we are asking now is if that savory? >> i kind of think no. >> what? >> i kind of think no. >> first of all, the sweetest human being on the planet
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except for this theft thing, she's a wonderful person. >> except for the theft thing. >> she is not a liar though. that is the good news. you ask her, she will go yes, i do that a thief, not a liar. >> it's about intent. if you took it home and you weren't sure. kind of liked t. >> you try it on. you put it like -- >> but then you're not -- then you want reaction from your friends, you go, oh, i like it okay, then you own it. >> then what what do you say -- you have worn it out to dinner? yeah, you should fan yourself, with shame, missy. take it back. >> wore it. >> say you go out dancing. and there's pit marks and you take it back. >> pit marks, no, that's not right there should be a few -- but people in the store all the time, we don't know if they showered, put it on, took it off right in front of you. >> we'd love to know how you feel about that, okay? >> yes, we would. >> speaking of winesday wednesday, the best wine destination -- >> where are they? >> in the country. trip adviser surveyed, it said number five is long island, new york. come a long way with some of their wines.
2:18 am
number four, the finger lakes region of new york state you more than 100 wineries in that area, 90% of new york's wine comes from there. >> willamette, valley, oregon, is known for their pinot noir, which you love. >> love that number number two, napa valley, i thought would be first. >> the first place is -- >> sonoma. >> wow. >> sonoma, california. >> right next to one another, pretty much. have you ever been there, hoda? >> i have never been. is it beautiful? >> if you and i were ever going to have a romantic weekend that would be the place you and i would go. >> yeah. all right, you know where we are going to go today, wednesday? >> where? >> gallagher's. >> that's right. >> we are going to gallagher's, a big lunch with everybody coming, excited to drink a lot of wine. >> we had that cancel last week because of the hurricane. of course we're having a nor'easter today but come on down. i mean, everything's relative, it's just going to be 60-mile-an-hour winds instead. only two feet of water. no, we are going to be at gallagher's restaurant on west 52nd street, okay, everybody?
2:19 am
>> a bunch of people coming to visit. >> 200 ladies, sold out like that. it is not going to be bad weather at that point, they are saying, so please come on down. >> friend, jen miller, going to be a big brew. >> lots of people coming. cheers. yeah. yeah. all right, this is heavenly light pino gricio. 85 calories per glass. wow. usual amount is 110. >> mm-hmm. >> and $19.99 on drinkup -- ever think nbc news would be telling you can get this for -- are there any standards of practices left? >> no, there aren't. all right. we are sinking our teeth into the last "twilight" movie, the vampire everyone loves to hate. i don't hate her, nikki reed is here. >> she's adorable. >> we're going to talk to her right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them.
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part 2." >> nikki reed is back as rosalie hale, now she finds herself taking care of bella's daughter, of course, with whom she's formed a very special bond. >> good to see you. >> nice to sue guys. >> you have been playing the bad girl in the five movies? >> i have been doing that yeah. >> every actress tells us, myself it is much more fun to be the bad girl. >> i initially thought it would be more challenging and it was, but i guess i didn't realize through the course of the films as everything was unfolding, people have a really hard time disassociating you from who you play. subconsciously, they think you're -- >> what do they say to you on the street? >> what is the worst thing someone said? >> actually, it is not bad. usually come up to you and say, oh, my god, you smile. okay. you are so nice. >> okay. so yeah, you're so not like your character. >> they just can't separate it. which is fine. >> called acting. hello.
2:23 am
>> this being the end, is it something you're looking forward to -- were you looking forward to it ending or wish that this was going to go on a little bit longer? >> i don't know. i have all kinds of feelings. it's strange. it's hard to feel sad over something that brought so much joy to my life and there's so many wonderful things. >> everything happened for you. >> so many wonderful things came from this and we made it to five movies. i mean, that's such an accomplishment and we're so grateful for it. but i mean, i am sad. i am sad. >> but i wouldn't want to wear red lipstick ever again for the rest of my life or be pale. >> how about the contacts? >> oh, that's right. pretty rough. >> now, was there a dash to grab some memorabilia? i know at the end of anything -- >> any thievery involved? >> personally, i didn't take anything. i'm always afraid of getting in trouble. >> you are a big karma believer? >> i am. i am. i didn't take anything. but i ended up somehow with my baseball shoes from the first
2:24 am
movie. kristen actually went back to reshoots and grabbed them for me because she knew i loved them so much. >> they have got mud on them? >> they have mud on them, they sit in a box in my house, i can't wear them. >> probably auction them off and give the money to red cross or something, not they would ask you to do it, but probably get a ton of money for something like that, right? >> that's a good idea, yeah. my mom might have her heart broken. >> give it to your mom, maybe. >> another career kind of going at the same time, a little musical career with your husband of one year, right? >> we just -- yeah, just hit the one-year mark. >> do we have a -- >> here's a little bit of your music video, the two of you. >> he is awfully recognizable. he was here with you last time. >> he was. >> tell us about paul. >> he usually -- we usually go everywhere together, but he -- you know, a 24-hour trip this time and so much fun with our music right now. >> you have been married a year but you stead he said "i love you" very quickly after a week and he did it in the form of a song, right? . >> yeah. two weeks after -- i said that? oh, my goodness. >> we read.
2:25 am
>> everything we read. >> everything about me. he did. he wrote -- he wrote a song called "i love you, i'm just letting you know" and that's how he broke it to me. i played it for my mom instantly and i don't know if that was the thing to do it made him really nervous. >> so, were you in love shortly after that, did it happen quickly? >> yeah it was all very -- now it's kind of a blur. i think at the time, i could talk about it a little more, it was fresh in my mind, now it feels like it all -- it all happened really fast it is kind of a blur. >> well, you're lucky, you have a good life, right? the movie, a great husband. >> what -- jewelry line, right? >> i have my jewelry. i'm wearing some stuff right now, my topanga cuff on, my earrings, wearing some stuff here. >> you are a busy girl. >> a busy girl. we have our album called "the best part," out now. >> just came out, right? they wrote all the songs together. >> beautiful. i listened to that music. i love it. >> wish you great happiness. we don't care what anybody says, we think you are really, really nice.
2:26 am
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>> we want to wish one of our stage managers a happy birthday. dave aurebach. and my sister-in-law, colleen. coming up, are you at risk of being hacked? we are going to have some expert advice on how to keep online thieves from stealing your information. and then sara haines has all those feet these stopped you in your tracks and say what the what? plus, america's spoken but how much do you really know about past presidents? we are going to play who knew? no fudging these recipes, after your news and weather. 2@
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back with more on this winesday, wednesday, playing who knew? today we are testing your knowledge of past commanders in
2:33 am
chiefs. kathie lee gifford next door at the nintendo world store. ready to hand out $100 who get the answers right, those that don't, they get her cd. helping me out is the senior writer for "newsweek" and the daily beast. are we ready? >> ready, hoda. >> a lovely south carolina principal of a mccracken school is that what it? >> mccracken middle school. >> you better know this, missy, who was the first president to live in the white house, george washington, john adams, thomas jefferson or james madison? >> john adams. >> wow, she knows her stuff. wow. wow. wow. >> the resident act established the nation's first capitol in philadelphia. that's where george washington lived. they built the white house for eight years, cost $232,000 to build the white house. a bargain in today's dollars, but not back then. john adams and abigail moved in in 1800. >> back across to kathy. >> holly jean gifford, can you believe it upstate new york?
2:34 am
who was the youngest person to become president, was it james polk, theodore roosevelt, john f. kennedy or bill clinton? >> john f. kennedy. >> that's what i thought, too. >> she's wrong. the correct answer there is -- >> theodore roosevelt. i have all their ages. >> tell us. 1901, theodore roosevelt became president at the age of 42 years and 322 days, youngest president. after his, kennedy, 43 bill clinton, third youngest, 46, then ulysses s grant and barack obama, fifth youngest president, sworn in at 47 years and 169 days. >> wow. back across to kath. >> nice lady from upstate new york what is the name of the new nbc television series based on a family at the white house, like "life at the white house """commander in chief" "1600 penn" or "the situation room"? >> 1600 penn. >> good for you. >> that's not even on yet? >> it is not. comes out january 10th.
2:35 am
bull pullman, president in "independence day," place comedic president and his wife was jenna elfman from "dharma & greg," this trophy wife first lady. >> that was weird. back across to kath. >> from new york city, which president got permission to build a swimming pool and a movie theater in the white house? was it george washington -- movie theater -- well. franklin delano roosevelt, richard nixon or ronald reagan? >> roosevelt? >> they cheated but we'll give it to them. >> yeah, franklin roosevelt. >> needed the pool for therapy for his legs, built the pool in 1933, 1942, a movie theater a good who knew for you, do you know who the first person was who watched an x-rated movie in the white house? >> no. i think i know but -- >> jimmy carter, watched "midnight cowboy." x-rated means something different now than then. >> funny. >> back across to kath. >> this lady from california. all righty. which actor played president bartlett in the popular tv
2:36 am
series "the west wing," john list lithgow, rob lowe, martin sheen or jeff daniels? >> martin sheen. >> more cheating than in the election. >> people know. what is going on? >> originally, the president, aaron sorkin when he wrote "the west wing" didn't think the president would be featured at all and martin sheen cast in four episodes, he was so great, they kept bringing him back. >> he was great in that role. i think time for another one. >> one more. all right, true or false, every president in the white house has been married. >> false. >> third time they cheated in a row. >> who knew all the answers? the girl in the back? give her all the money. so, who was not married? >> james buchanan, the 15th president, never got married. he did live for 15 years with his man friend, another senator, not saying anything. >> what? >> i did not know. >> just saying -- before
2:37 am
becoming president, he had a male roommate friend. >> because of that we are going to do one more. go ahead, one more. >> all the way from hawaii. which movie does michael douglas play the president of the united states, "the american president, ""charlie wilson's war," "independence day" or "frost/nixon"? >> the american president. >> wait, did he cheat? did he cheat, too? >> we both love that movie, 1995, annette bening the romantic interest. it's great. a great one. are we doing another one? is it over? one more. one more, kath. >> i guess, which president was a licensed bartender? abraham lincoln, james garfield, herbert hoover of grover cleveland? >> i would say cleveland. >> you're wrong. good guess. >> all right. what's the correct answer? >> abraham lincoln, before becoming president, he owned a tavern but he didn't really drink so i believe he was selling alcohol but didn't partake in it himself. >> these are all very interesting, by the way. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for coming on. are you an easy target for online scammers? we will tell you how to avoid getting hacked. sara haynes, you know, they get into her stuff, right after this.
2:38 am
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it is time for today's tech and from online banking to twitter accounts and wifi, we are all connected all the time, except of course you. >> i am tech adverse, that is true. but the average person has about 25 different online accounts and only uses about half a dozen passwords. so how do you protect yourself from getting hacked? love that word. >> one person in dire need of help is our own sara haines, here to protect sara and you is will pelgro, the ceo of center for internet security and founder of cyber griffin. >> so nice to have you. >> how are you? >> we're good. we think of sara as really, you know, savvy about all this stuff. >> and she is. she is great. this is not about sara, per se. i mean, so many people are falling prey to phishing attacks. >> now, you call it phishing, but it's p-h? >> the hackers change that.
2:43 am
>> sara has an account, how would someone be able to -- there are passwords and could be numbers, letters a million things to think of, how would you ever find out. >> you know what a phishing scam is, right? >> no explain for people. >> such as ourselves who don't know. >> you got that e-mail and it said that it was somebody that was in europe and they have been detained and they need money and you want to have them send it, it was a relative that you would want to send money to. so, it's a scam, nigerian scams, read about all of those. >> yeah. yeah. >> in this particular case, we we played a little prank on sara with your producers to see whether or not she would fall prey to a phishing attack. >> well, sara, you are savvy, sara, not just someone who opens up every weird e-mail. >> yeah. >> e-mail was from you. >> you were part of this, too. >> so wait, what does this say what happens? >> it says -- oops, sorry. >> did you really dress trixie as tigger? hey, i saw this pic of trixie? >> no. >> it is my dog.
2:44 am
that is my first reaction, oh, my gosh, hoda knows my dog. that's how it popped up on my screen. >> is very easy to do. >> so you sign like that all the time. >> i sign like that. >> so there's two problems here, the first problem is if you look at it if you clicked on your name from the sender, hoda, really isn't you, see the 9 at the end? we blocked out the e-mail address. >> i can't see what it says. >> okay this is a made up -- this is a made up e-mail, not your e-mail. but it showed up in her e-mail box, just says hoda. that's why that was number one. >> of course you would react. then what happened? >> so all phishing scams have three components. one, comes from a trusted source, apparent trusted source like hoda. the second is it is either going to entice to you do something or scare to you do something, meaning they want -- the hackers want you not to think. if you took a breath and you really sat back, you would start thinking this would not be real. for example, no offense, hoda, i'm not sure if you would know how to make a hyperlink to take this in the words.
2:45 am
>> i was more impressed you knew my dogs. >> hoda always signs xo. >> i have to tell you all this came from the internet. we did not get any information from your producers. we went out and just did our own public availability of information that's out there. >> let's fast forward. so, she clicked on the take this thing? >> what would have happened, if i was a bad guy, malicious software would have been downloaded on her computer, totally compromised meaning i could do anything she could do on her computer. >> like what? >> turn on her camera, watch what's going on in her house? >> any password i typed n. >> any credentials, take all her information and -- >> tap into her bank account, drain her bank account, get on her credit cards? anything? >> 500 million phishing scam e-mails a day. >> so, if i get some -- >> now i'm all the more glad. >> you're so secure. i love this. >> so, what do you do? get an e-mail looks like a -- click on it? >> don't click on on it. we are a clickaholic society at this point. we are clicking so fast, just take a breath.
2:46 am
look at it does it make sense? does it really look like -- >> who has time for that? >> seen it on my desktop, i open it on my iphone, it would have shown that e-mail and that would have caught me, because i know your account, but it didn't, it popped up hoda kotb. >> your phone is more dangerous in that sense, as much information? >> no, either one would have done it if she was busy. we're all busy and that's why so many people are falling prey, a large majority of people still fall prey to this. >> we have to tell people about passwords. >> absolutely. >> a lot of people use the same password for everything it is hard to remember this password's for twitter this one for facebook this for my american express, some people use one blanket password. >> some people, like you? >> you know what a bad password, any word in the common dictionary, even if it is a foreign language, anything numbers. >> halloween would be a bad password? >> absolutely. >> why? >> would be breached -- broken, hacker could attack that within a matter of seconds.
2:47 am
how? >> they have tools now, tools that break that at a rate of 8.2 billion attempts per second. >> a lot of people use the word password as their password. >> yeah. let me ask you, is your -- not going to ask you what your password was, a common language word? >> not your concern. >> no. that's good answer. but if it is, go home and change it right away. >> that's a good one? >> i would never remember that. who could remember that? >> give you an easy tip. a phrase -- a phrase from one of your favorite songs. >> flo rida. >> shawnty got low eight times. >> i don't know but i love the song. >> we have one four, too, kathie lee. >> duh at d -- that looks like -- a question mark?
2:48 am
it looks like russian. >> broadway show. >> yeah. >> do you have a dream, question mark, stand up. >> wow, i like that. >> that's smart. >> so this is easy to remember and you can just vary slightly for different accounts. the reason why you need to have different passwords, if i break into one of them, then i've got keys to the kingdom. >> great information. an awful lot of people. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> i needed it. thank you. >> you want to find out if you're hackable, you can take will's quiz, on our website at the jazzed up brownies. you can't wait. no one was going to know that they came from a box. we're going to show you how to cheat once again. golly. what are we coming to? good morning. i'm meteorologist paul good low. we are dealing with a winter storm across the northwest. many areas waking up to a foot or more of snow. 6 to 12 inches. shoveling that. perhaps some school out again.
2:49 am
we're watching our next storm taking shape that could get a name as we head throughout the day into your friday as well. look at the temperatures so cool across the east and windy so feeling even colder. we're also watching the cold air approach with our second winter storm across the northern rockies. as we head towards friday really taking shape here. many areas could see a foot of more of snow. also rain in the bay area. that gets throughout california and texas and the northeast is drying out but not really warming up. temperatures still in the 40s in new york city and boston. the 80s still dominate texas for the time being. look at the cold air with this next system that. continues to push eastward into your weekend. we've got showers, perhaps some thunderstorms here in the midwest and plenty of snow and cold air all the way down towards phoenix. a high of 63 as we head towards the weekend. northeast slowly warming up, melting that snow pretty rapidly. sunday temperatures warming up across the east. meanwhile showers and thunderstorms across the middle of the country and the 80s here in texas behind the system.
2:50 am
temperatures denver only 30 for a high temperature. 25 in billings. now we're pushing the low 60s from d.c., new york, even towards boston as we head towards the end of the weekend. into next week here comes a front into the midwest and the ohio valley giving you some scattered showers and thunderstorms. look at the temperature contrast. chicago 40, kansas city 40. but still 60 in louisville ahead of that front. here comes yet more rain and mountain snow out towards the pacific northwest. on towards tuesday, more rain up and down the eastern seaboard cooling our temperatures back down. we're also cold here in the midwest with some sunshine. the northwest is seeing some more rain and mountain snow. you can always wake up with al every week day morning at 6:00 a.m. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose.
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2:52 am
there's no more delicious dessert than a moist, chocolaty brownie. we are taking an ordinary boxed mix and kicking it up with some
2:53 am
delicious ingredient, like caramel and peanut butter. ladies home journal, kara is here. >> a normal boxed brownie, duncan hines or whatever? >> any boxed brownie, don't have to to go to the bakery to get fancy brownies, everything goes with it. it is really easy. the first one we're going to make together is raspberry cheesecake brownies, you think i'm not going to do that, that's like a pastry chef. but we have cream cheese, egg, sugar. >> how much? >> a cup. >> two pats of butter. >> see. you know. >> mm-hmm. >> and a little bit of flour. for stabilization. >> stabilization. a hard time. >> exactly. >> what is this? >> almond extract. a little extra flavor. okay. i have to use my stirring muscles. go, girl. >> so that's all it takes. the mixer or your muscles. >> okay. >> then --
2:54 am
>> yep. >> onto the brownie mix, in a 9 by 13 pan. and dollop it on. i'm just going to do half and show you how easy it is to marble this. >> okay. >> oh. >> marble. >> take a knife, whatever you want and get that marbled. if you'll sprinkle some as berries. >> of course i will. >> yes. >> and bake it. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> those are them. like bakery quality. >> according to the directions on the box? doesn't change. >> no. and just the base, adding to these, making them fancy. >> pretty. >> delicious. >> next one we are taking that trend of salty and sweet. so we broke pretzels up and mixed them into the brownie batter, baked them on top, really crunchy. >> then what do we do? >> these are melted butterscotch chips. >> of course they are. >> a ziploc bag, you don't have to get -- >> okay. >> drizzle, right? >> yes, so it's caramel, chocolate. want to do it?
2:55 am
>> do it, it's warm. >> look what's happening. >> make designs. >> awesome. so it sets up and you get those beautiful little -- >> reminds me a little bit of when my kids were little -- >> stop it, stop it. stop it. >> i'm just gonna try this. >> try that. tell me how it is. other ones we have are ginger pineapple. >> all the recipes on your website or in the magazine? >> i know. i know. >> one more. the one i'm waiting for. >> talk about that one. so this is one of my favorites, like you've been eating reese 's peanut butter cups. now we have a peanut butter topping on brownies, chocolate chips mixed inside and nuts. >> what kind of peanut butter is this? >> regular smooth peanut butter, natural or not. now the other great thing. >> unbelievable -- >> the other great thing, get gluten-free baking mixes, the gourmet baking mixes, whatever you want, really easy. >> this is delicious. >> right? >> not going back to the other ones?
2:56 am
>> we have to stop now because we are on our way to gallagher's. >> that's right. we got to take a break. be back with more on "today" on nbc. >> maybe one more bite. oh, yum. >> yes, everybody cannot believe this is so good.
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
>> you cannot believe this. those brownies. outrageous reality tv couple ice-t and his wife, coco. >> more of those amazing ambush makeovers.

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